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Groundnut Shell Briquetting Plant India

We are the most eminent Briketing Plants Manufacturers in India and America completing variegated needs of clients. Our Briquetting Plant Super-60 is manufactured under strict quality guidelines and well tested by quality engineers before it is launched into market. Our research and development team brings you premium range of Briquetting Plants in India and America ensuring 100 percent client satisfaction and fast development.

Briketing Plants Manufacturers India

We are the most reputed Indian Manufacturer of Briquetting Plant manufactured Groundnut Shell Briquetting Plant Super-60 for production capacity of 600-750kg/h. It has the capability of crushing and pressing all types of waste material. The Briketing Plant is most appropriate choice for people who desire a production below 1000kg/h yet wants lesser capital investment in comparison to briquetting press Jumbo-90 model.

Raw materials for Briquetting Plant America and India

The list of raw materials that can be briquetted includes Coir Pith, Paddy Husk, Coffee Husk, Tamarind Paste, Press Mud, Bagasse (Sugarcane Waste), Groundnut Shell, Saw Dust, Bamboo Dust, Mustard Stalk, Castor Seed Shells, Tobacco Waste, Paddy Straw, Rice Husk, Soya bean Husk, Palm Husk, Jute Waste, Sunflower Stalk, Wheat Straw, Mustard Shell, Wood Chips, Tea Waste and any other type of agro/forestry waste. These can be mixed up to 25-30% with saw dust.

Specifications of Briquetting Plant

Production capacity- Approximately 650kg/hour
Finished product shape- Cylindrical
Total weight- Approximately 4.5 tonnes
Form of raw material- Powder
Finished product size- 60mm diameter
Sheltered space for Briquetting press- 100x40 feet
The power needed for press, blower and hammer- 85 HP
Open space- according to requirement
Overall length of the machine- 5.5 meters
Overall width of the machine- 1.8 meters
Overall height of the machine- with conveyor 4 meters
Oil used- Alpha ZN220
Oil capacity- Approximately 40 liters
Total weight of the machine- 4500 kg

The Briquetting Plant SUPER - 60 can produce briquettes of high quality from almost any kind of material.

We are Launching Brand New 30-HP Heavy Duty Crusher-Shredder

Soon, the company is going to dispatch 30-HP heavy duty crusher cum shredder to Mysore-Karnataka. It will be the first crusher that also can shred the material. This dual-functionality feature in a machine makes it special and new concept for Karnataka.

Production Capacity 600-750 kg/h
Finished product Size 60mm Diameter
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical
Raw Material form Powdery
Power Require for Machine, Hammer , Blower 85 H.P
What can be briquetted Groundnut Shell, Bagasse (Sugarcane West), Castor Seed Shells, Saw DustCotton Stalks / Chips, Bamboo Dust, Babool WoodCoffee Husk, Tobacco Waste, Tea Waste, Paddy Straw, Mustard Stalk, Mustard Shell, Wheat Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Jute Waste, Palm Husk, Soya bean Husk, Sugarcane Waste, Barks Wood Forestry Waste, Coir Pitch, Rice Husks, Wood Chips and any kind of agro west


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