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Mechanical Versus Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic press is a popular device that makes use of hydraulic cylinders for producing highly comprehensive force. It is comprehended as equipment using hydraulic pressure for compressing something. It is extensively utilized in pressing, blanking, molding, punching, deep drawing, forging application and metal forming operations in mechanical industries. These find application in the making of coir mattresses, particle board, laminates, plywood and pressing mica.

Mechanical Press

Mechanical press is popular equipment used for applying extremely high force for forming, cutting or shaping materials, for extracting liquids or compressing solids. These presses are accessible in a variety of sizes ranging from huge powered industrial units utilized in developing assembly line applications to very small units being operated by hand.

Why hydraulic press has an upper hand over the mechanical press?

A hydraulic press is a preferred choice over mechanical press due to a couple of reasons. The first and foremost reason is that a hydraulic press needs lower initial investment as well as lower operating costs. It uses a comparatively simple construction that cuts down the preliminary investment cost.

Further, the fewer moving parts also diminish the operating and the ongoing maintenance costs. Contrary to its mechanical counterparts, the hydraulic press is capable of compressing any material type to full extent. When it comes to space, they occupy half the space compared to mechanical presses as they possess the ability of compressing huge pressure in cylinders having fewer diameters.

Today, people the world over are shifting to hydraulic presses from mechanical for the following reasons,

. Multiple utilities
. Flexible operations
. Ability of operating with high range of stroke on the same press
. Full tonnage on all points of stroke
. Any needed speed can easily be set on all positions
. Can be re-programmed with ease
. The working stroke in a hydraulic press can be easily adjusted on all positions all through the length

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