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Uses or Benefits of Biomass Briquetting Press


We are living in modern times when electricity has made our lives as simple as ever. When fire was made the first time, it created a lot of frenzy and it can be said to be the best ever invention for mankind. But today, we have a whole lot of energy sources like wood, oil and coal to name a few traditional energy sources. Now, with science making a path breaking achievement every minute, Biomass Briquetting Press is considered as the new age fuels. It is not new information that the heavy industries would require heat and energy which may mean that a lot of wood or oil would be required to fire up the oven. But, given the current scare that the global scientists have shown us, it will not be long before we have very little or nothing of the traditional fuels left at all.

Urgent Need for Biomass Briquetting

Needless to say, we have to think of ways to substitute coal or charcoal for energy and heat. That is where biomass briquetting comes in. The biomass briquettes are made when coal wastes or agricultural wastes are made in to compact blocks or briquettes so that they can be used effectively. They cut out greenhouse gas and this is one of the main reasons for biomass briquettes to become so popular in recent days.

Uses or Benefits of Biomass Briquetting:

There are many agricultural wastes and coal wastes that are effectively re-used so that the environment remains clean. Boiler fuels are constantly in demand and hence, saw dust from saw mills, agricultural or farm wastes are suitably compressed to make biomass briquettes that they emit less pollutant considerably and even help for keeping the heat for a long time. Just imagine a time when the Re-Used Wastes are Compressed And Produce Heat and also ensure that the environment is kept clean at a very low cost too. Worldwide, there are plenty of companies that have been using these biomas briquettes for a long time now and this mean they are eligible to earn Carbon Credits in their bid to reduce carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Moreover, transportation of briquettes is more convenient than transporting loose biomass. Storage of these compressed briquettes is better than the pellets too and so plenty of renowned biomass briquetting press is now joining the race to make top class briquettes.

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